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Free Google Tools Your Small Business Can Use

Standing out online amongst the competition is a difficult task these days with the number of businesses that have an online presence. This challenge is especially pronounced for small businesses that have fewer resources at their disposal. There are some free online tools that can help your business get ahead and reach more customers. Google offers a suite of free tools that can help give your small business the boost it needs. This article will outline each of these tools and explain why they are a must-have for your small business. 

1. Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is arguably the most important free tool for small businesses looking to establish a strong digital presence. This platform creates a business listing in Google that is given significant visibility by being displayed in Google’s Search and Maps tools. By now most of us know what a GMB listing looks like and how influential it can be. It is the listing that appears when you search for a business and it displays opening hours, images, customer ratings and menus (if applicable). 

The listing’s visibility in Google Maps is especially significant and many people will search for a business type followed by the phrase ‘near me’. A search like this will display an array of businesses in the area, and your business’s Google My Business listing could be the difference-maker in attracting an interested customer.

You can create a Google My Business listing or edit your existing profile through your business’ Google account online, or through the dedicated GMB app. 

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that lets users see the popularity of Google search terms over time. This tool can be especially useful for businesses looking to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO). You can look for relevant keywords for your business and see which ones are performing best and subsequently use these keywords on your website copy. This will help drive quality traffic to your website. 

3. Google Analytics

For those businesses with a Google account, Google Analytics is a great platform to monitor your website’s performance. This tool allows website owners and managers to see which web pages draw in the most users and how long users stay on these pages. As well as this, Google Analytics can help businesses learn more about their audience, with insights into their geographical location, demographic, device usage and interests.

One interesting metric that Google Analytics offers is ‘bounce rate’. This lets a website owner know which page users most frequently leave the website 

4. Google Forms

Google Forms is a free service that allows you to create surveys and collect responses. This service offers a simple way to collect survey responses, which in turn can inform decision making for your business. Google Forms are very commonly used, so users will be familiar with the interface. 

Your small business can utilise Google Forms to collect feedback based on customer experience, either through QR codes or via email. This will allow your business to better understand its customers and make informed decisions to improve its offering. 

Start achieving your business’ potential by utilising these easy to use and free tools today. They will help make your business more visible online. Also, the use of Google Trends and Analytics can help organically boost your website’s visibility and SEO long term. 

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