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Seven Best Graphic Design Tools For Your Pet Business

The pet industry is a great space to stretch your design muscles and create a beautiful, unique design perfect for your business. From innocent and playful to professional and structured, and everything in between, there is a wide range of design styles you can use for your pet business. Your design style will tell your audience who you are, what you value and what you can offer them, providing the perfect platform to present your products. Photos, illustrations, colours and text are all important elements in creating a design for your business, and there are plenty of tools to help. 

But what are the best graphic design tools you can use for your pet business?

1. Lightroom

Everyone loves cute pet photos, particularly the pet owners you want to attract to your business so beautiful photos are a must. Adobe Lightroom is a great program for simple, quick photo editing. While an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is needed to access this program, it is well worth the investment to ensure every photo you share is the best it can be, without taking too much of your time. Lightroom is also available as an app on your apple or android smartphone.

2. Photoshop

For the more experienced designer, or someone looking to design outside the box, Adobe Photoshop is a brilliant tool. Want to do more than just polish off your photograph? Adobe Photoshop allows you to get creative with your photo editing and create unique, beautiful designs to wow your audience. You will need to take a bit more time, and it may take a little bit of practice to familiarize yourself with the program, but the results speak for themselves. 


An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription may be a bit outside of your budget, or maybe you don’t have time to sit down with a program like Lightroom or Photoshop. VSCO is an easy to use app for your apple or android smartphone, making photo editing on the go simple and accessible. VSCO has a large range of filters for novices or time-poor individuals who want beautifully edited photos with the click of a button. For the more experienced designer, or if you want more control over your photo, VSCO also allows you full control over the process to edit quickly, and easily with beautiful results. With paid and free versions available, this app can suit your needs. 

4. Canva

Looking for something a little different? Canva is a great resource to speed up your design process. With a wide range of design templates, stock imagery, illustrations and design elements at your fingertips, Canva is great for the inexperienced designer or time-poor creator. Available online or on your smartphone, with both paid and free version, Canva is adaptable to your business needs. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to create a beautiful design for any occasion or application.

5. Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is another Adobe Creative Cloud program that allows you full creative control over your design. Create unique, personalised designs with custom illustrations and control over every aspect of the design. Explore artboards, brush tools and all the other tools Adobe Illustrator has to offer and create the perfect design for your business. From start to finish every aspect of a design made in Adobe Illustrator is your own. 

6. InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the perfect tool when approaching a larger task. From flyers and brochures to presentations and booklets, and everything in between, Adobe InDesign allows you to create beautiful, custom designs on a larger scale. Create your own templates and build your own designs from scratch to match your vision. Adobe InDesign may take a little getting used to if you have never used the program before, but it is well worth the time to create beautiful designs for digital and print purposes. 

7. Sketch

Looking to design your own website? Sketch is the perfect tool to help you create customer wireframes for your website. Design every aspect of your website, from headers to navigation, page flow, transition and everything more, Sketch enables you to control every aspect of your website, and create the perfect design for you before beginning development. You can base your design off a template or start from a blank slate. Sketch allows you to bring your vision to life, test out ideas and finalize your concept before approaching a developer or spending time developing a website yourself. 

There is a wide range of design tools available, both paid and free. Whether you need photo editing, stock elements, or custom designs, these tools can help you create whatever designs you need for your pet business. Be sure to look around and find the right programs for you, and help your business stand out from the crowd. 

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