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The Best Pet/ Animal Websites of 2020

Since the dawn of the internet, one of the most searched for categories is animal content, whether that is funny animal content, animal facts, blogs/ vlogs or to locate pet stores, vets and rescues! Big or small, humans have always had a fascination and love for animals. We have rounded up our favourite pet/ animal websites to cover any of your pets needs. 


Shopping for a new furry friend? We have you covered. Let’s start by mentioning our favourite rescue sites. Remember, adopt don’t shop. 

Pet Rescue

This is an international site that connects you with shelters/ rescues all over to find you your perfect pet. It is simple to search for the type of pet you are looking for and enter your country or even a smaller area code to find pets nearby. The site allows you to add in further metrics to narrow your search such as your home conditions to find the perfect pet suited to your needs.

Adopt a Pet

Another great site to find a rescued baby to give a forever home. This site is however just Aus-wide, and is only the RSPCA shelters so will have a narrower search than the above mentioned Pet Rescue site.


Whether you are working in the veterinary field or just looking for one nearby, we have you covered with our top Veterinary websites.

Vet Australia  

This is a great site to find Veterinary Clinics Australia wide. If you are potentially new to an area or travelling with your pooch, check out this site to find your nearest vet and associated businesses such as groomers. This is a database of all the pet businesses in your area, very handy. 

The Australian Veterinary Association

This site is designed for those working in the veterinary industry. This is a great site for vets to access resources, stay up to date with policies and procedures and link up with other vets through the member hub and veterinary events. 

Veterinary Partner 

Veterinary Partner can be described as ‘Web MD’, except for your pet! This is a great online resource for animal health information. However, the same applies when googling your own symptoms, you should always consult a specialist with any health concerns. This is just a great free resource to find out more about specific conditions, and learn how to care for your pet’s health and wellbeing further. Always consult your veterinary clinic before making any changes to your pet’s health regime.

Pet Insurance

It is important to shop around when looking for the best pet insurance, after all, our pets are an extension of our family. Make sure your insurance covers any potential emergency situations/ overnight vet stays that may arise. As most pet owners are aware, veterinary bills can often outweigh our own hospital bills, due to the wonderful Australian healthcare system. Should we start a petition to add our pets onto medicare? We think yes. In the meantime, it’s important to find a good insurance provider! Here are our top websites to help you with this feat. 

To compare Pet Insurance between multiple providers, consider using an insurance comparison site such as iSelect, or Choosi

Here is a list of some of our recommendations, however, it is always advised to compare and pick a provider that suits your personal needs.

Pet Insurance Australia, rated 4.1 stars and won the best pet insurance award in 2019.

Pet Secure, which has also been rated 4.1 stars by verified buyers. 

RSPCA, rated 4 stars. RSPCA is a trusted and well-known provider with a much higher number of reviews, 4 stars is still a great result, showing customer satisfaction.  

Payment Options

Vet bills are stacking up, and you haven’t had a chance to secure a great insurance plan prior or they are not covering the bills? You may be left wishing and wondering why vets don’t have Afterpay… well they do. Or a similar equivalent. Like AfterPay, and the other ‘pay later’ applications only certain veterinary clinics have this payment option, however, you can find a list of the participating clinics on their website.

Visit Vet Pay for more information.

Grief/ Pet Loss

Our Wonderful Pets 

We hold this one close to our heart. This is a wonderful site for those dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. You can use this site to join in discussion forums with people dealing with the same hardship, or create a memorial post for your pet, read through other memorial posts. Overall it is just a great site to feel a sense of community in a terrible situation.


Travelling with your pooch? Here are some websites that may be useful to review before setting off on your great adventure.

Jet Pets 

Jet Pets is a great resource for booking your pets travel separate to your own, particularly if you are required to catch a flight, you can have your furry friend booked on the same flight with all their road transport linked up and handled by the one company. Like a travel agent for your pooch. Leave it up to Jet Pets to handle all the logistics for you. 


Looking for a pet-friendly place to stay? Checkout Stayz website, which has a ‘pet-friendly’ category making it extremely easy to view all the properties in your holiday destination at one time. 


Our favourite online shopping sites in Australia for pets are as follows.


Pet barn really has it all from pet food and care items to toys and accessories. They also have a lot of brick and mortar stores Australia wide if you prefer to shop in person, check out their website to find your nearest store.

Biggie’s Raw Pantry

Biggie’s Raw Pantry is a great local Brisbane store that stocks 100% natural treats. It’s well known that a lot of store-bought treats have hidden nasty’s that aren’t the best for our pet’s health. Biggie’s Raw Pantry uses 100% natural ingredients, with your pet’s health at the forefront of their mission!

We hope this list has given you some clarity, as a pet owner, as to just how many resources are online for our four-legged friends. This is just a small list of our favourites, however, there are so many other great websites out there with valuable information from pet health to entertainment. Please let us know down below if you found any of these websites helpful, or if you found another one that you love to use.

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