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TikTok Is The Most Downloaded App of 2020?!

TikTok is the most downloaded app of 2020!? These results may come as a surprise to some. However, if you have already jumped on the TikTok bandwagon this is no shock. TikTok which was once predominantly ruled by Gen Z dancers has seen a shift in 2020 with people of all ages jumping on the app and creating a variety of content. TikTok is holding the number one spot for most downloaded app of 2020, with Facebook coming in second place.

If you think TikTok is just a place to learn a unique dance to a hot hits song, it’s time you looked into the app further and just what can be done. People are now spending their time watching a broader range of videos on the app, such as: 

  • DIY tutorials, 
  • Recipes/ cooking,
  • Fashion/ outfit videos, 
  • How-to videos, 
  • Comedy skits, 
  • Short-form daily vlogs, 
  • Behind the scenes of running a business, 

The list goes on. TikTok can be described as ‘Twitter’ for video content. As it forces the user to think about what they are posting and make it impactful and concise to fit into a 60-second window. It’s essentially the best of both worlds, as it is short and easy to digest content in video form, no wonder it is a hit! The app tends to trap the user in a constant scroll of content on their ‘for you’ page, with reports that users are spending 500 minutes a month on the app.

We can see the top downloaded apps have been significantly shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic, with everyone wanting to feel connected, they look towards social media. Therefore, ‘Zoom Meetings’ making the top download list, doesn’t come as much surprise, with many companies using the app to work remotely. Hamish Blake even famously crashing multiple Zoom meetings during the pandemic (remember to set a password on your meetings people!). 

TikTok also made the App Annie Top 10 list for ‘consumer spend’ and ‘monthly active users’.  As this data is from App Annie and not the social media platforms themselves, there is room for some error in the data, however, it is enough to provide a good idea of where TikTok is sitting and how it is rapidly advancing year on year.

We definitely think TikTok is a fast-moving app, and advise to jump on now before it advances further. There are rumours circulating that TikTok is looking to increase the video recording time to 3 minutes, this will open up the variety of content that can be filmed and level of detail that can be captured. 

Have you been using TikTok this year? Let us know in the comments.

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