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Tips to Boost your LinkedIn Following

So you have created your LinkedIn profile and are now wondering how to grow the account? LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting your business and attracting quality employees. So, how do you take your LinkedIn profile and content to the next level?

Follow the steps below to effectively optimise your LinkedIn account. 

Tip 1: Strategically Time Your Posts

As with all social media platforms, it is important to maintain consistency when posting on LinkedIn. Your posting frequency may be limited due to time and resource constraints, however, achieving quality results on LinkedIn doesn’t have to mean posting daily. 

It is recommended that your business posts between two and five times per week for the best engagement. Any more or less than this suggested window and users begin to feel either overwhelmed by your posts or they don’t see your content enough. 

Best practice suggests avoiding posting on Saturday and Sunday as people are enjoying their leisure time away from work and therefore will not be as active on LinkedIn. Similarly, steer clear of posting on Monday as for most people it is a day dedicated to catching up on emails and planning the week ahead. 

Tip 2: Utilise Visual Content 

Research suggests visual content like videos and photos get much more engagement than simple text-based posts. So if you are looking for an effective way to drive engagement and ‘stop the scroll’, then be sure to craft some quality visual content for your LinkedIn page. 

Tip 3: Analyse your Competitor’s LinkedIn Presence

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or are looking to reinvigorate your presence on the site, it is always important to analyse the pages of your competitors. Doing this will allow you to take note of which types of posts got significant engagement and vice versa. Competitor analysis may also give you to identify untapped content niches that may allow your page to stand out on LinkedIn. 

Tip 4: Diversify Your Content

While LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting your brand and its product offering, it is important to be mindful of audience fatigue. People will take less interest in your posts if they just consist of promotion for your business. Well, what should you do instead?

The answer is thought leadership content, which positions your business as an expert in your field. Thought leadership content can consist of articles regarding industry trends and talking points. 

Tip 5: Share Content 

It is always a good idea to share and repost content from industry leaders and spokespeople. Reposting this content ensures that your audience does not get fatigued by only seeing content that promotes your business and its product/service offering. 

Tip 6: Use Hashtags 

Using hashtags in LinkedIn posts is an important tool in promoting organic growth for your page. LinkedIn gives users the ability to follow certain hashtags that interest them. These can be as broad as #technology or relatively niche (ie. company-specific hashtags). Being strategic about which hashtags you use can benefit your business as you can attract new, like-minded followers. 


We hope you have found these tips useful and can apply them to boost your Linkedin following!

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