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Understanding your content marketing options 

Content marketing for your business has become, over the last decade, less of a want and more of a need for any brand trying to make a name for themselves. Consumers have become increasingly closer to brands via technology (in particular smartphones), so the expectations that they have around the relevance and the story of a brand, and even it’s products have risen sharply. 

There are many ways your business, as a brand, can tell their story. And the process of diving into your own company history will most likely uncover unique points of difference you have with other businesses. Helping you position your brand in the marketplace and grow the business’s unique identity. 

So to help you get started, Patch Agency has pulled together a helpful list of some of the more potent forms of content marketing that you can utilise to build closer relationships with your customers through the story of your brand. 

1. Blog content

Probably the easiest form of content marketing that you could get your head around first. That’s because you are reading a blog content marketing article right now. Writing blogs around areas of expertise you have, in our case digital marketing, is a great way to showcase your brand’s unique and valuable insight into whichever category you operate in. If you are interested in skilling up on blog writing, reviewing with our 101 articles is a great place to start. 

2. Infographic content

If your potential customers are anything like me, a super intriguing topic is needed to hold my attention through an entire article. So having very visual and aesthetically pleasing options to get the same point across to your readers quickly and less wordy than a blog can come in handy. Enter the infographic, a great way to use visual aids to tell a story and theme a website page or document with your own branding. We also have a handy article ‘The Power of Infographics’ if you are interested in pulling one together. There are a number of infographic building websites as well, that are only a google search away. 

3. Video content 

Even more engaging than written or infographic content, is the humble video. Producing high-quality video content can be a professional job in itself. But for the purposes of showcasing a product benefit, or talking to camera with some tips and tricks, you’ll find that the little thing in your pocket (the smartphone I mean) is surprisingly capable of shooting and editing very usable video content. Otherwise, there is no harm in reaching out to an agency (like Patch for example) and quoting out some dynamic video content for your site, or socials. 

4. Social media content 

Speaking of socials, a very popular form of content, of which you have most likely participated in creating (possibly daily), is the multitude of forms of expression available across social media channels. Building posts, stories, even simple status updates can be a great way to engage with your audience on a regular basis. Patch Agency also has a number of really useful articles of social media marketing which we would highly recommend you reading if you have any social business pages across any platform. 

5. Podcast content

Finally, in our brief selection of content forms, we have podcasting. There is a reason podcasting continues to grow both in content generation and in advertising revenue year on year. And from a content creation standpoint, it can be a very engaging way to ensnare new customers as they learn more about your brand. The trick is to find topics that are within your area of expertise, but also have room for you to research further. You need a reasonably clear voice for audio, and a stand-alone mic, then just jump into it. It’s the only way to get better, and from one podcast you can build a wealth of social media content to support and share your creations. 

So there you have it. Five different forms of content marketing that you can start on straight away. Of course, each form has its intricacies and snags which you’ll discover as you practice. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Patch Agency team, all of which have experience and skills in all the content marketing forms discussed here and much, much more.

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