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Web design inspiration for the pet industry

Are you a business in the pet industry and need a website? If you are struggling with ideas on how to design your website and establish yourself in the pet industry, we are here to help get you inspired. 

A well-designed website is a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. From new businesses wanting to make a splash, to established companies trying to keep customers engaged, inspired web design is the perfect tool to grow your business! Here are some ideas to help get you started:

1. Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow is a perfect example of inspired web design for the pet industry. From bright colours to adorable animations, everyone on this site speaks to the playful, friendly nature of the business. The little drawings and photos throughout the site add a personal touch that helps consumers connect with the business, with the animations playfully guiding the eye where it needs to go. 

This site uses creative web design to immediately tell the visitors who they are, what they value and begin converting them to customers before they even read the content. 

2. DogVacay

The mood your site needs to convey will change depending on what you are trying to tell your visitors. For a doggy daycare customers want their pets to have a fun and safe day, knowing they will be happy when they pick them up at the end of the day. However, customers looking to entrust someone with their pet when they go away will value safety and comfort so your site needs to convey this. 

DogVacay uses simple, elegant web design to put customers at ease from the moment they open the web page. By using soft colours and lots of white space the company has created the perfect environment to keep their visitors on the site, and consumers know exactly what to expect from this business. 

This business keeps the navigation very simple, streamlining the process for customers, and their use of colour perfectly guides the user through this process. DogVacay’s web design shows that they understand their audience and have customised their website to suit their clients’ needs. 

3. Biggie’s Raw Pantry

The Biggie’s Raw Pantry website put their products at the forefront of their design, using photography to allow the products to speak for themselves. Businesses like this one with a large range of products have to be particularly careful not to make their websites look cluttered and hard to navigate. By using only 3 colours throughout the website, black, white and purple, streamlined navigation and allows visitors to focus on the amazing products. Biggie’s Raw Pantry uses a lot of white space to keep its website looking very clean, organised and welcoming. 

Even though there is a lot of content on this site, nothing is hidden away, and consumers can find what they need easily. This design tells consumers that the company has kept its user in mind every step of the way, so they can expect the same level of care and consideration in their products. 

4. Life Wise Pet Nutrition

While also selling pet treats, Life Wise has taken a very different approach to their website design. They have used a wide variety of colours, but all in a softer tone than Biggie’s Raw Pantry’s bold colour scheme, as well as including illustrations throughout the site. These elements allow the company to communicate their brand personality and values to consumers, creating a feeling of age, experience and professionalism. The illustrative style is reminiscent of a scientific journal, telling the user their products are informed by science and nature to take care of your pet. This is supported by the typography, colour scheme and layout, informing the visitor of the business values and process. 

5. Organic Pet Company

Organic Pet Company takes a different approach again to their website design, with a large focus on using photographs not only to show off their products but also to create a specific mood on their site and communicate the brand identity. These photographs communicate to consumers the kind of life their dog will have if they purchase Organic Pet Company products. They use their website design to position their company values, such as anti-animal cruelty, natural living and family, at the forefront, and presenting their products as a way for customers to align themselves with these values. 

Although all of these businesses are appealing to the same audience, pet owners, each has used their unique website design to communicate their message and differentiate themselves within the market. Website design is about more than just creating a pretty website. Website design allows you to tell visitors about your business, what you value and why they should choose your products over those sold by another company. Inspired web design allows you to not only catch customers attention but hold it and convert them from a visitor to a consumer. 

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