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Get Noticed & Stand Out in a Crowded Digital Landscape with Meta Ads Services

Experience unparalleled Meta services with our dedicated Facebook marketing agency in Brisbane, Patch Agency. Our team of Meta experts excels in creating and executing strategic campaigns that yield outstanding results for your business. We specialise in harnessing the power of some of the world’s leading social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram to drive growth and engagement.

At Patch Agency, we prioritise a collaborative approach, working closely with you to comprehend your objectives and aspirations. This allows us to custom-tailor solutions that guarantee maximum impact on your target audience. Our creative strategies are designed to captivate and convert, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive digital landscape.

Whether you’re aiming to boost brand awareness, drive website traffic, or increase conversions, our Meta marketing services are designed to deliver. With a track record of success and a commitment to innovation, Patch Agency is your partner for unlocking the full potential of Meta as a marketing powerhouse. Join us and experience the difference of a team dedicated to achieving your goals.


Gabriella Simonian

I love the transparency I’m provided of my campaign performance, and as a small business owner it’s a relief to know that my campaigns are in safe hands.

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How does this service work?


Tailored Facebook Ads strategy developed based on understanding your business goals and target audience, helping to drive results for your business.

Audience Research & Targeting:

We conduct thorough research on your target audience at facebook market palce to understand their demographics, interests, and behaviour. Based on this research, we create a tailored plan that ensures your Meta ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

Launch & Monitor:

Once the ad campaign is created, we continuously monitor and optimise its performance to ensure it’s meeting the objectives. We track metrics such as click-through rates, average order value, conversion rates, and more to identify areas for optimisation.

Ad Creation & Optimization

Our creative team will design and produce engaging ad content that speaks to your audience and reflects your brand. We continually monitor ad performance and optimise them accordingly, including adjustments to creative content, targeting options, and bidding Meta strategies.

Refine & Optimise:

Based on our analysis, we refine and optimise the campaign on an ongoing basis. We make adjustments to creative content, targeting options, and bidding strategies to improve ad performance, reduce cost-per-click, and maximise return.

Australia’s leading luxury Digital Marketing Agency

By implementing a blend of digital strategy and ad creativity, we help cultivate the success of Australia’s leading beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and service-based brands.


Mili Vuk

A big thank you to the team at Patch Agency. Very impressed with the level of service I receive from them on a weekly basis. After working with other Agency’s, it’s clear that Patch actually cares about my business and it’s so relieving to know things are being taken care of! Thanks again team!


Jade Villareal

Absolutley loved working with Josh and his amazing team. From day dot, they came to the table with a clear vision about what they wanted to help my Pet Treat business achieve. After 3 successful months working alongside them, I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else for quality service, dedication and just an all round fun team! I will continue to work alongside them in the future for all things marketing, SEO and more!!
I can’t thank Patch enough!


Ben Van der Giessen

We signed on with Patch and within the first month we noticed an increase in sales. The team have been amazing, professional & always there to help


Ready to grow your business?


Results Driven

Our team is dedicated to delivering measurable results for your business. We prioritise data-driven strategies and continually analyse campaign performance to ensure that we are meeting your goals and driving results.



We pride ourselves on our creativity and outside-the-box thinking, allowing us to develop innovative solutions that set our clients apart from the competition. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies, enabling us to provide cutting-edge strategies that drive results.


Transparent & Authentic

We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients, and our commitment to transparency and authenticity is at the heart of everything we do. We provide clear and honest communication throughout the entire process, ensuring that you are always informed and confident in our strategies.

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What is Meta Advertising? 

Meta Advertising involves strategic online marketing techniques that encompass various digital platforms to enhance brand visibility, engage audiences, and drive results.

Why should I consider using Meta for my business? 

Facebook and Instagram are widely-used social platforms with a massive user base, offering businesses a prime opportunity to reach and engage potential customers, ultimately boosting brand awareness and sales.

Can Meta help businesses of all sizes? 

Absolutely. It can be adapted to suit businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises. The strategies can be scaled to align with your specific needs and budget.

How do I track the success of my marketing campaigns?

We provide detailed performance reports that include metrics such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. These insights help measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Can Meta Ads be combined with other marketing efforts? 

Of course, this is ideal! Integrating Meta Ads with other marketing channels, such as email marketing or content marketing, creates a cohesive strategy that enhances your brand’s overall online presence.

What services does Patch Agency provide? 

Patch Agency offers comprehensive paid Meta ads packages in Brisbane and beyond. Our expertise includes crafting and executing tailored campaigns, driving conversions, and optimising engagement strategies.

How can Patch Agency help my business in Brisbane?

Patch Agency specialises in leveraging Meta’s vast reach to connect with your target audience effectively. Our team tailors strategies to your business goals, ensuring optimal impact and results in the Brisbane market.